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Wine Cork Board Frame

Have you or someone you know a collection of wine corks? Are they stored in a box or a draw and growing in number over time? There is a reluctance to throw the corks away.

We have the answer to your collection of corks (or the ones you have yet to pull) – a personalised unique frame into which you glue the corks in a design of your choice.

The wine cork board can then be used as a notice board, display board or for photographs.

Each frame is handmade and makes a wonderful gift especially as we engrave the top and bottom of the frame with up to 14 letters – making 28 letters in all.

The frame is made of Ash or Cherry from trees grown in Great Britain.

Each joint is pegged with a Black Oak peg from wood which is up to 5,000 years old – we can only source this Black Oak from England.

The backing board on which the corks are glued is  a composite board as this as is a better medium for the glue.

The frame is 610mm x 420mm x 25mm (24” x 16 ½” x 1”) and the cork area is 470mm x 340mm – if placed in rows of 7 then 22 rows are usually needed making 154 corks.

We supply instructions on how to glue the corks to the board.

The rear of the frame is prepared for wall hanging.

Our prices include postage and packaging within the UK.

See above for number of letters
See above for number of letters