wooden memory box
wooden memory box
wooden memory box

Wooden Memory Box - Adult

A memory box is an exquisite gift. The special place to put keepsakes whether jewellery, personal papers or an item with a story. Bring all the memories together in one beautiful handcrafted wooden box. Its contents will grow and probably change with the passing of years. The box and its contents will, one day, pass down to the next generation.

This memory box is a unique design by Indigenous Tree and is made from trees grown in Great Britain.

The sides are of Scottish Elm, the front, back and top of English Sycamore and the base of Welsh Sweet Chestnut. The finger lift on the front of the top is English Black Oak which is up to 5,000 years old.

We engrave the top of the lid with the person’s name and we can also engrave (for a small extra cost) a special message inside the lid.

The external dimensions of the box are 300mm x 275 mm x 100mm high. (12” x 11” x 4”). The internal dimensions are 235mm x 235mm x 63mm.

The price includes postage and packaging within the UK.

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