Making your gift

Our mission is to make unique wooden gifts made from the beauty of the trees of Great Britain.

Fot these bespoke gifts everything starts with a tree and it must have grown in Great Britain. We travel all over this wonderful island to track down small local sawmills who can guarantee the provenance of the timber they supply. Often, they can tell us the exact woodland or field it came from.

We maintain a large stock of timber all carefully marked with its species and whether it is from England, Scotland or Wales. We work hard to keep a wide range of species some of them rarely available such as Alder, Ash with an olive colour, Sycamore with a rippled grain. We also have stocks of Black Oak from the English Fenland  which is up to 5,000 years old.

Every item we make has been designed by us and we then make a prototype. We will often spend weeks or months working on the design and making several products before we are completely satisfied with the finished item. Only then will we include it in our range.

All our gifts are finished with several coats of a fully natural oil which enhances the beauty of the wood. The finish ensures all our gifts are safe for children and for those used for food, the oil not only protects the wood, but by being a natural product it is entirely safe to be used directly with food.

When we receive a request to make something the timber chosen by the customer is selected from stock and we then use our skill and care to make a one off personalised heirloom.